HI, Tom….

Scott and I are so grateful to you for shepherding us through the experience of buying a short sale home. We couldn’t have asked for a better expert in this process.

Thanks for your patience and persistence, and hanging in there with us for so long. It was worth it!

Now the fun begins…painting the interior, installing new carpet, ceiling fans, appliances, etc….all good stuff.  We plan to move in by 12/31….a nice way to begin the new year.

Thanks so much for your help!

We wish you and your family a very happy holiday season.

Warm regards,

Scott and Diana



Tom, Thanks again for all your     efforts and patience in getting this house sold. You’ve been absolutely     wonderful about always keeping me posted with the latest updates and     attending to any questions/concerns I had. I will highly recommend you to     anyone that unfortunately is in the same situation as myself and looking     for a good realtor.Hope you both have a wonderful     weekend!

Kindest Regards, Debbie

We had our house on the market     for one year with two different realtors. Unfortunately, we did not sell     our house in that year and the realtors we used were less than ideal to     work with. They were the reason our house did not sell and they made empty     promises without any follow through. We spent hours trying to get them to     do the job we thought a realtor should be doing, basically working to get     our house sold. We were at our wits end with what to do considering our     house value had gone down significantly in that year. We came across Tom     when we were advised to do a short-sale on our house. Tom was skilled in     short-sales but we were still hesitant about any realtor because of our     previous experiences.
Tom was a breath of fresh air! He was excellent to work with and was always     available to answer any of our questions. He always answered his cell phone     when we called him; I don’t think my husband or I ever received his     voicemail when we called him. He was diligent about trying to get our house     sold and had to spend countless hours trying to get our bank to accept an     offer on the house. We know he put in a lot of additional time to get our     house sold, but never did we hear anything but positive, reassuring     comments from him. He always assured us that he would do whatever it took     to get our house sold and he did just that! We finally closed on the house     last week and are so blessed that Tom was our realtor. Without his     expertise we would have probably ended up with a foreclosure instead of a     short-sale. He did exactly what he promised he would do for us and I would     highly recommend him to anyone looking to sell or buy a home! If you are     looking to short-sale your home, there would be no one more qualified for     the job than Tom!

Jose & Kerry


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